Website developmentfor your business.
You may have an Autobianchi, you may have an ordinary Opel Corsa, and you could even have a Ferrari.
In all cases, you have a car!
The question is what it serves.
That’s exactly how websites are like.
Let’s divide them into 3 categories.
Website Development
Wordpress or Joomla with a predefined template.
This category would be an Autobianchi. You do your job, you don’t walk, but you don’t go fast or far!
Website Development
Wordpress or Joomla with
Custom Design
With this option, you now take yourbusiness seriously. You are aware of the importance of a website for its growth and investing in an online storefront!
Development of a Premium Custom
Website based on Business
If you can’t afford a Ferrari, invest in that. You may end up having money for Ferrari.
Website Development WordPress or Joomla with a predefined template.

This category would be Autobianchi. You do your job, you don’t walk, but you don’t go fast or far! A either Joomla or WordPress.

You choose a design from the thousands available online, change the texts and photos, add your company’s logo, and do your job.

Ideal economic solution for presentation websites.
Cost of a website with a predifined WordPress / Joomla Template
The price for the creation of such a website starts (at least in Wild) from 350€ including server costs and reaches 600€
Depending on the sub-page requirements, if you need a logo simultaneously, or
copywriting and data entry. Usually, if we have the Sitemap and a thorough Brief from
you, the delivery of such a website takes 5-7 working days.
  • Speedy delivery
  • Cost efficient solution with remarkable performance
  • You don’t need a Design
  • Multiple Template σε Options

  • Slow page performance because predefinedtemplates have too much code to accommodate variations in styles and shades. In practice, this means problems in User Experience, Pagespeed Rankings, SEO and ad quality score
  • Your Website Design can be shared by hundreds of other sites
  • Higher difficulty with WordPress or Joomla updates or even incompatibility issues
  • Not ideal for Branding, customers/site visitors of the website who know about Digital will understand that it is a cheap production
Website Development WordPress
or Joomla with Custom Design

With this option, you now take the business seriously. You are aware of the importance of a website for its growth and investing in an online storefront!

We use CMS such as Joomla and WordPress, where WordPress now wins the whole market, either in simple websites or in e-shop with its well-known extension, WooCommerce (See e-shop development with WooCommerce).

The ideal solution for mid-budget!
Cost of a website with ready-made Custom Design
The price of a website with Custom Design starts from 2.500€
The delivery time is much longer than using a Template, as it needs to be designed by hand by our Web Designers and converted into a Website by one of our Developers.
Advantages of a Custom Website in WordPress/Joomla
  • Very good performance in speed, since the code contains only what needed in the design.
  • Much better performance in Conversions, an impressive website with a unique design is much easier to convince someone to buy or do business with you.
  • Curated UI/UX. The Design is designed by graphic designers who are skilled so that the site is easy to use, and understandable and guides the user correctly in navigating through the website.
  • Special diligence on Responsive Design -Mobile first Design, as 70-80% of the users of each website come from mobile.
  • Personalized Design that follows your corporate identity, giving power to your Brand, using typography, color palettes, style, and layouts that will fit your company’s personality and exactly how you want it to be perceived.
  • Has all the infrastructure for further development and upgrading to a complete e-business tool such as the one we propose as the top solution below.
Disadvantages of a Custom Website Development
  • Longer delivery time. The website is designed by hand by our Designers and then converted by our Developers
  • We provide 2 mock-ups to choose from the Design and structure of the website. We will need you to guide us very wisely in terms of the aesthetics you would like us to follow and for the Sitemap, as changes and production of each new mock-up are charged and also delay the progress of the project
Development of a Premium Custom Website based on a Business & Marketing Plan

ΑIf you can’t afford a Ferrari, invest in it. You may end up having money for Ferrari.

If you want your website, to act as a super weapon for generating sales, developing clientele, and growing your brand, this is the only choice.

You fully present your company’s services to us, and in collaboration with the whole team of Wild’s Experts in Digital Marketing and e-business, we create Sitemap, Structure, and Design based on Marketing & Business Plan.

Every page from the first to the very last, is a well-thought-out landing page that follows all the guidelines of professional copywriting.
  • Each page is optimized in SEO resulting from Keyword Planning with optimal keyword densities, page titles, meta descriptions, headers, image alts, and longtail keywords and is optimized for maximum performance in Adwords and general PPC campaigns
  • We conduct online & offline competition research to determine unique selling opportunities and online marketing policy
  • Each website is optimized for top-speed performance
  • The website is hosted on Beast Bare metal Dedicated servers or top Cloud Datacenters using CDN
  • We produce the entire structure exactly as it visually needs to be conveyed for a perfect Conversion Rate
  • We provide Content Pillars for your business by setting up subject categories for your services, with excellent topic clusters, accompanied by infographics, and motion effects, and connected with presentation videos, example pages, case studies, frequently asked questions, social proofs, etc.
  • We communicate your company’s Branding Strategy, producing a website that captures who you are, where you are targeting, your personality, and who you want to target for customers (and who you don’t), and demonstrate why you, your products, or services are special.
  • We use marketing techniques to maximize the Call to Action buttons (phone calls, expressions of interest, online purchases) by generating immediate Leads & Conversions, such as urgency, fomo, and scarcity to minimize costs and the need for Remarketing and Retargeting
The question is why explain in detail parts of the process we use for a truly Premium website?

Simply because such a project is a major expense and investment for your company, and this way you can feel secure that we know what we are doing.

Cost of a website with Custom Design ready
The cost of a Premium website starts from 7.000€ so the disadvantage is that you need funds, but that’s the only disadvantage.
What to choose?
Whichever of the 3 options suits you, you can call us to schedule an appointment or fill out our contact form, and we will reach you directly. If you already have a website, together we can do a site audit and consulting for your website rebuild or optimization needs.
If you don’t have a website, let’s create one together!
In case you’re worried about who will do the website promotion and the whole digital marketing setup afterward, the good news is that we are excited to take on the advertising of the websites we develop, and our services cover all channels of digital marketing! (SEO, SEM, PPC, Social Media Management, Newsletters)
It’s time to prove if we’re good at Landing Pages as you’ve just completed our Landing Page for web development, our Portfolio follows to see what we do for real.

Give us a call 2114442300 to discuss about your project, or message us here.

Digital Marketing Services
Google Ads
Social media management & PPC
Digital Reputation Management
Influencer & Affilliate Marketing
All Digital Services
Holistic Management of your Account?
The absolute solution for every business. A package of services with a monthly fee so you can focus exclusively on your company and its growth, and we’ll handle everything else.

An Account Manager takes care of all the processes, and you expand your company as if you had hired a team of SEO experts, Marketeers, Social Media Managers, Developers, Graphic Designers, and Copywriters for the cost of one employee!

By far the best and most economical solution for any e-business!
Social Media Marketing
Calendar creation for FB & Instagram, posting and PPC campaigns.

Google Ads
Overall Management Campaigns & Perfomance Marketing.

Seo & Copywriting
Content Writing, Blog posting, OnPage SEO.

Graphics & 360 Support
Visuals by a graphic designer, Μanagement of your website, Νewsletters.